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At some point in everyone's life they want to be a firefighter.

Now is your chance! Even if you don't wish to enter a burning building, there is plenty you can do to contribute to your community and help save lives and property.

Check out our Calendar page for the dates, times, and locations for our meetings and training. Come visit us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Recent SMC Fire & Rescue Calls / EMS


Here are some of our recent calls.

January 2018
Sunday January 14 EMSUS HWY 331
Sunday January 14 EMSPEAKE RD
Friday January 12 EMSAL HWY 94
Tuesday January 9 EMSUS HWY 331
Monday January 8 EMSWOODLEY RD
Saturday January 6 EMSLEWIS RD
Friday January 5 EMSDEACON LN
Wednesday January 3 EMSLEWIS RD
Wednesday January 3 EMSPEAKE RD
December 2017
Friday December 29 EMSMOORE RD
Thursday December 28 EMSUS HWY 331
Wednesday December 27 EMSHOBBIE RD
Tuesday December 26 EMSLOWER DUBLIN RD
Sunday December 24 EMSFANNIN MILL RD
Saturday December 23 EMSRAMER GRADY RD
Friday December 22 EMSMOORE RD
Tuesday December 19 EMSMT. ZION RD
Sunday December 17 EMSMOORE RD
Saturday December 16 EMSHILLABEE RD
Saturday December 16 EMSUS HWY 231
Friday December 15 EMSUS HWY 231
Wednesday December 13 EMSLOWER DUBLIN RD
Wednesday December 13 EMSRAMER GRADY RD
Saturday December 9 EMSUS HWY 231
Friday December 8 EMSWOODLEY RD E
Thursday December 7 EMSHWY 94
Wednesday December 6 EMSLONG RD
Tuesday December 5 EMSHWY 94
Tuesday December 5 EMSFANNIN MILL RD
Friday December 1 EMSWOODLEY RD
November 2017
Wednesday November 29 EMSOLD SCHOOL HOUSE RD
Wednesday November 29 EMSHWY 94
Tuesday November 28 EMSTUCKER RD
Saturday November 25 EMSMT LEBANON RD
Friday November 24 EMSMERIWETHER TRL
Wednesday November 22 EMSNAFTEL RAMER RD
Tuesday November 21 EMSMT LEBANON RD
Sunday November 19 EMSHWY 94
Sunday November 19 EMSSTEPHENS RD
Saturday November 18 EMSMOORE RD
Friday November 17 EMSMOORE RD
Thursday November 16 EMSSUGAR CANE LANE
Tuesday November 14 EMSRAMER GRADY RD
Sunday November 12 EMSAL HWY 94
Saturday November 11 EMSHOBBIE RD
Friday November 10 EMSPISGAH RD
Friday November 10 EMSWOODLEY RD
Friday November 10 EMSGARDNER RD
Thursday November 9 EMSCEDAR HILL RD
Tuesday November 7 EMSSTORY RD
Tuesday November 7 EMSLOWER DUBLIN RD
Monday November 6 EMSLONG RD
Sunday November 5 EMSFRAZIER RD
Saturday November 4 EMSMERIWETHER TRL
Saturday November 4 EMSDECON LN
Friday November 3 EMSWOODLEY RD
Thursday November 2 EMSUS HWY 231 & HWY 94
Thursday November 2 EMSAL HWY 94
Thursday November 2 EMSOLD SCHOOL HOUSE RD
Wednesday November 1 EMSWOODLEY RD
October 2017
Tuesday October 31 EMSUS HWY 331
Sunday October 29 EMSUS HWY 331
Thursday October 26 EMSOLD BARNES RD
Wednesday October 25 EMSLOWER DUBLIN RD
Tuesday October 24 EMSUS HWY 331
Friday October 20 EMSWOODLEY RD
Wednesday October 18 EMSOLD ANDERSON RD
Tuesday October 17 EMSAL HWY 94
Monday October 16 EMSAL HWY 94
Monday October 16 EMSLOWER DUBLIN RD
Saturday October 14 EMSUS HWY 231 & CHAPEL GRAY LOOP
Tuesday October 10 EMSATHEY RD
Tuesday October 10 EMSRUSTIC CIR
Monday October 9 EMSATHEY RD
Sunday October 8 EMSSTEVENS RD
Friday October 6 EMSJASMINE LN
Thursday October 5 EMSAL HWY 94
Tuesday October 3 EMSWOODLEY RD
Tuesday October 3 EMSHWY 94
Monday October 2 EMS 
Sunday October 1 EMSUS HWY 231 & HWY 94
September 2017
Saturday September 30 EMSLONG RD
Friday September 29 EMS 
Thursday September 28 EMSSTORY RD
Tuesday September 26 EMSMERIWETHER TRL
Sunday September 24 EMSHWY 94
Friday September 22 EMSWOODLEY RD
Friday September 22 EMSE. HICKORY GROVE RD
Wednesday September 20 EMSDEACON LN
Tuesday September 19 EMSWOODLEY RD
Monday September 18 EMSE. HICKORY GROVE RD
Thursday September 14 EMSUS HWY 231
Tuesday September 12 EMSGARDNER RD
Monday September 11 EMSMT ZION RD
Saturday September 9 EMSFANNIN MILL RD
Friday September 8 EMSMT LEBANON RD
Thursday September 7 EMSGREENWOOD RD
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